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Endless Opportunities Enabled by One Platform

Go beyond the Facebook ads manager and take advantage of all The Campaign Maker option to succeed

  • Ad counter

    Know exactly how many ads you are creating

  • Scaling

    Scale your profitable campaigns in one click

  • Image library

    Easily access all your images through your facebook ads manager

  • Ad Calendar

    Schedule days and hours to run your Facebook campaigns

  • Ad Preview

    Preview your ad and make edits before launching the campaign

  • Audience Preview

    Preview your targeted audience while you are targeting them

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our software is mobile optimized so you can use it on any screen size

  • Google Analytics

    Automated tagging lets you track your ads traffic via google analytics

Simple but Essential Reporting Dashboard














Why Choose The Campaign Maker


Better Prices for More Features

Prices for ad making tools typically start at $100 per month. While The Campaign maker tool starts at $27 per month.

Less Time on Editing

Get your ad professionally edited and launched in just 5 minutes. Making the process much easier to use than Facebook ads manager.

User Friendly Dashboard

The Campaign Maker platform has a user friendly design to easily access all features. Set up split testing for your Facebook ad in seconds.

Powerful Interest Search Engine

The more targeted interests you add, the better the suggestions. Enter one interest and The Campaign Maker will show you 20 related interests to target.

Detailed Video Walkthrough

Thoroughly compiled guides show every detail about the software so you can achieve optimal results.

Blazing Fast Customer Support

Our support staff is available 24/7 to clarify any matters of concern for you.

5 Quick Steps to Set up Your Ad

Save time and effort in creating your ad campaigns with our quick 5 step process

Step 1 – Objective

Choose from 6 of the most vital objectives in your Facebook marketing.

Our Objectives:
  • Clicks To Website
  • Conversions
  • Page Likes
  • Engagement
  • Lead Ads
  • Multi-Product

Step 2 – Adcopy

This is where you have the ability to split test your ad copy and images to find the best performing one!

What You Can Do Here:
  • Split Test Multiple Headlines
  • Split Test Multiple Body Texts
  • Split Test Multiple Descriptions
  • Split Test Multiple Images
  • Split Test Multiple URLs
  • Real Time Ad Preview
  • Track Individual Ads Using Google Analytics

Step 3 – Targeting

In this step you can specify in detail what type of audience you want to target.

What You Can Do Here:
  • Split Test Multiple Locations
  • Split Test Both Genders
  • Split Test Multiple Age Groups
  • Split Test Multiple Interests
  • Split Test Multiple Behaviours
  • Split Test Multiple Demographics
  • Split Test Multiple Placements
  • Split Test Multiple Custom Audiences
  • Real Time Preview Of Your Audiences

Step 4 – Budget

Setting up your budget is simpler than Facebook ads manager and cannot be simpler with this process. You also have the option of setting what time your campaign runs.

What You Can Do Here:
  • Specify The Daily Budget For Each Adset
  • Specify What Date/Time Your Campaign Starts
  • DayPart Your Campaign Performance

Step 5 – Review

Unlike Facebook ads manager, before publishing your campaign, you are shown a complete review of what your campaign will consist of including information such as how they will see the ads and who exactly will see the ads.

What You See:
  • Total Ads You Will Create
  • Total Adsets You Will Create
  • How Much You Will Be Spending
  • Preview Your Ad
  • Review Your Audience List
  • Publish!

Simple and flexible pricing built for everyone

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  • Unlimited Split Testing
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  • $10,000 Monthly Spend Limit
  • Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Unlimited Split Testing
  • Online Support in 24h
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  • $100,000 Monthly Spend Limit
  • Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Unlimited Split Testing
  • Online Support in 12h
  • Cancel Anytime

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