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The Campaign Maker uses our proven 4 step method to create profitable campaigns consistently. We call it the A.C.O.R method.

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The ACOR method revolves around 4 simple steps to consistently create profitable campaigns


    Analyzing data of past campaigns is one of the most crucial steps to figuring out what key data points made your old campaigns a failure and better yet finding what made your campaign thrive.


    Using your new found data you can create a brand new campaign by avoiding harmful targeting and focusing on what works for you. Better yet find new audiences that give you even more for less.


    What decides whether a campaign is worth keeping active and continues spending your money or if the campaign is clearly no longer giving you the best bang for your buck.


    Reading your campaign data on a daily basis can be a gut wrenching experience, believe me I know them all. This step focuses on key data points you should focus on when reviewing your campaigns daily.

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I Can Do This On My Own, So Why Do I Need TCM?

You certainly can, but keep in mind that this method does have a few downsides to it, especially for a beginner.

Time Consuming

Manually creating, reporting and analyzing all the data can take hours of your time when done right.


Can be devastating to your end goal if you look at the wrong metrics.

Steep Learning Curve

Takes a while to get used to the flow and what data points to focus on.

Budget Heavy

Reckless a/b testing can be devastating to your budget and give you false results.

Needs Your Constant Attention

50+ active ads within a campaign will require your constant attention to avoid wasting your budget.

Budget Sensitive

Improper budget optimization can increase your cost per result drastically.


" TCM consists of 4 automated tools that were built around the ACOR method to solve these problems using automation, templates and simple actionable reports. "

" These 4 tools were built to make your campaigns more efficient and work harder for every dollar you spend."


Which Plan is Right For You?

Each plan is curated to whether you have clients or just for your own business.
Simply put if you plan on creating ads for others choose the agency plan, otherwise the growth plan should be enough!

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If within 30 days of your purchase you do not absolutely love TCM and see the immense value it provides, then we promise to refund your purchase. No questions asked.

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Great value for money and has most of the features that the other "bigger" companies offer. I like the clear cut instructions and ease of use. And the development team is passionate! Big plus for customer service.

Alex R.

I love how something as simple as setting up a rule to stop a high CPC ad can be so effective in lowering the overall cost to a conversion! These preset rules are awesome!

Tucker J.

If you are at all serious about running FB ads, or hope to start doing it right, then get this software. If you know what youre doing, youll thank yourself for being able to save time, and money.

Lane W.

Super easy to use for your own campaigns or for managing client's campaigns. The speed that campaign maker creates ads is unbelievable!

Bruce C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

How does The Campaign Maker differ from CaptainGrowth, Revealbot and Adespresso?
The Campaign Maker is an all around platform that consists of 4 core automated tools:

1) Analysis Tool - deep analysis and comparison of past campaign data - Analysis Tool Walkthrough Video

2- Creation Tool - automated split testing and simplistic approach to campaign creation - Creation Tool Walkthrough Video

3- Optimization Tool - automatically stops high spending ads with low results - Optimization Tool Walkthrough Video

4- Reporting Tool - displays active campaign data in a simple and easy to read way - Reporting Tool Walkthrough Video

CaptainGrowth focuses only on data analysis and comparable to our analysis tool $99/month.

RevealBot focuses only on optimization comparable to our optimization tool starts at $49/month.

Adespresso offers very similar features to The Campaign Maker but offers them at a much higher price point starts at $49/month for $3,000 adspend..
Using the Facebook ads manager is like using a butter knife to cut your steak. Using the Facebook power editor is like using a steak knife, gets the job done with your effort. Using The Campaign Maker is like having a butler cut your steak with a chef's knife while you watch.

Now imagine you have a massive steak…. that's the difference between them. At its best it makes a 45 minute task into a 3 minute task. And that is assuming the marketer knows how to split test manually… The Campaign Maker opens the door to beginners to split test while veterans can only split test on power editor.

In terms of reporting, the facebook ads dashboard is insanely complicated for a beginner, especially if they get into the customization dashboard.

With FB you need to dig in, while our reporting tool and analysis tool is seen at a glance.
Yes, and we made it very simple. We offer a full refund if for any reason you do not like our software within 30 days of making the payment.
Absolutely! we do not offer or supply ad accounts.
No, the payment made to us is completely seperate from Facebook ads. The Facebook ads cost is payable to Facebook only and is handled purely by them.
All our accounts allow for up to 500 ad accounts per user account. If you have more than 500 ad accounts in your account contact us and we will extend your account.
All accounts can publish an unlimited amount of campaigns, however a single campaign can contain a maximum of 400 ads.
A Facebook account is a personal account you use to access Facebook. If you have more than 1 person in your team then we suggest purchasing additional user accounts which will allow each member of your team to have their own private access. This is ideal for teams who need to collaborate together using their unique logins. Please note that each Facebook account can have an unlimited amount of ad accounts within it.
Our platform is authorized and approved by Facebook. We are hoping to become a Facebook marketing partner within the next few months.
Yes! you can create ads in multiple languages and target users by certain languages.
We offer a comprehensive help section which includes videos and articles to help you maximize our platform and lowering your Facebook ad costs.
By combining the simplicity of optimizing custom campaigns through The Campaign Maker, and the expertise of our veteran Facebook marketing team, we could create a completely “done for you” Facebook advertising service... And we could do it at a fraction of the cost of what other management companies charge.