The Campaign Maker | Supercharge Your Facebook Ads ROI

Supercharge Your Facebook Ads ROI

The Campaign Maker does the heavy lifting for you so you can pinpoint exactly where your highest ROI is coming from.

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Blazing Fast and Laser Targeted Campaign Creation

Creating a positive ROI campaign in 5 simple steps using The Campaign Maker











Start your campaign by choosing one of our 6 most used campaign objectives. Name your campaign and choose the ad account you want associated with the campaign.

Watch Me Create 100 Laser Targeted Ads in 99 seconds

Creating a proper A/B tested campaign with Facebook can be a daunting task on any advertiser. But as we all know, the only way to a successful campaign is through figuring which adcopy, targeting..etc is the gold mine for you.

Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Quick Glance Reports

The campaign maker dashboard is optimized to show you the full campaign picture in a single glance.

Highly Customizable

TCM reports by default shows you the most optimal data for your campaign, but in case you need to see more you have the option.

Detailed Demogarphic Data

Facebook loves to hide this data. TCM dashboard shows you where exactly your hard earned money is going and how its performing.

Automated Optimization Rules

Setup automated trigger based rules that automatically stop low performing ads to improve your campaign's ROI.

Save/Load Full Campaigns

Nothing is better than being able to quickly duplicate a successful campaign in a few simple clicks. Better yet, saving a campaign half way so you can finish it whenever you like is heaven for any advertiser.

Interest, Demographic and Behaviour Targeting

Interest Search Engine

The interest search engine is connected to a the complete list of interests, demographics and behaviours targetable through Facebook. So all you basically need to do is just write the first word and be prepare to be greeted with a wave of auto completions.

Interest High Affinity Suggestions

All you need is one interest and the campaign maker will show you 10 high affinity interests to the interest you chose. Keep in mind that the more targeted the interest, the more targeted the suggestions.

Include/Exclude Targeting

This is the bread and butter of targeting with Facebook ads. If you are not utilizing include targeting then you are not going to find the laser targeted audience that will convert for you. We made our especially simple and quick to use.

Features That Put You Ahead of The Competition

Google Analytics

Automatically embeds each individual ad with your GA tracker.

Simple Scaling

We made scaling your profitable ads extremely simple.

Detailed Video Guides

What good is a software if you dont know how to use it? Watch how its done step by step.

Image & Video Library

Upload once and done. We utilize Facebook’s library so you are seamlessly integrated on whatever you do

Mobile Optimized

We made sure you can use the full software on any device.

Ad Preview

Preview your ads while you create them so you can see exactly what they see.

Audience Preview

Preview your audience sizes while you target them. Never again will you do broad targeting.

Blazing Fast Support

We are available for you 24/7. We understand you have questions and we make sure to always be there for you.

What People Say About The Campaign Maker

Competitive Pricing

Monthly Campaigner

Includes all the bells and
whistles you need for epic

Unlimited Split testing
No Limit on Ad spend
Unlimited Ad accounts
No Limits on Anything
24 Hour Support
$ 39 /month
Yearly Campaigner

Includes everything in the
monthly plus some extra
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Everything Included plus
Invitation to Facebook ad group
Priority Support
Access to Beta Features
24 Hour Support
$ 19 /month
Paid Yearly
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65 Page Intro Ebook to Using Facebook Ads

Intro to Facebook Ads

Basic introduction to Facebook ads
and how it works.

Setting Up Your Tracking Pixels

How to setup your tracking and
conversion pixel.

Creating Your AdCopy The Right Way

How to create ads that resonate with
your audience.

Finding Your Perfect Audience

How to find who your ideal audience
and how to target them.

Researching Your Niche

How to throughouly research your
niche and figure out who your
competition is.

Creating Images For Your Ads

Following Facebook ad guidlines and
creating eye-catching creatives.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up?

Signing up for the free trial is extremely simple. Click the sign up button and you will be prompted to connect your Facebook account to the software, this process is literally 2 clicks.

Is this trial actually free?

Absolutely! The purpose of this trial is for you test out the full features of the software.

What do I need to start?

In order to sign up you will need an active Facebook ad account with a payment method applied to it.

How do I know If I have a Facebook ad account?

Click this link to check -

How do I add a payment to my Facebook ad account?

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