Easy Tool Eliminates Waste In Your Facebook Campaign… Saves You THOUSANDS!

Discover How The Campaign Maker can help you lower 20% of Your Facebook costs
Using Automated Rules.

Take Charge of Your Facebook Campaigns

Powerful Automation for
Maximum Efficiency

By applying our 3 point system, users have reported a
21% decrease in cost per conversion.


The Campaign Analysis Tool will
scan your Facebook adsets and will
show how you can improve them.


The Campaign Creation Tool will
automatically split test every part you
specify to pinpoint your highest ROI.


The Campaign Optimization Tool will
automatically optimize your adsets
based on set rules and guidlines.

How The Analysis Tool Can Find
Hidden Gems in Your Adset.

We created the analysis tool because we wanted to show you what
part of your adset targeting is performing horribly and what part is
making the most of your money.

Adset Based Analysis

The analysis tool focuses on each
individual adset, that way you can
pin point the low performers and
focus on whats working.

Actionable Data

Shows you hidden data points about
your audience and finds low cost
high conversion audiences.


Export the full analysis report into a
beautifully well designed PDF worthy of

Personalized Suggestions

Best part of the analysis tool is the
ability to automatically create an
optimized variation of the adset so
you can lower your adcosts.

How The Creation Tool Can Do The Work For You

An intelligent mix between the simplicity of the ads manager and the complex functions of the power editor.

Interest Search Engine

Don't know what to target? Just start typing
and TCM will complete the interest name
for you.

Interest Suggestion Tool

Once you enter a single interest, TCM will
show you 10 high affinity suggestions you
can split test with.

Deep Split Testing Capabilities

Seamlessly split tests tons of adsets so you
can pin point exactly where your highest
ROI interest is coming from.

Audience Preview

You can now see how big or small each
individual adset will be while you create
them for quick modifications.

Image/Video Library

Upload your media once and done. TCM
seamlessly integrates with your ad account
library so you can use quickly switch media.

Detailed Split Testing

You can now let TCM split test each
individual ad by URL, headline, body text,
description or media.

Google Analytics Integrated

Simply choose analytics targeting and TCM
will brand each ad with ad specific
keywords so you can see individual data.

Instant Ad Preview

Being able to instantly preview an ad while
you create it can help you avoid costly
mistakes after launching the campaign.

Complete Automation

Once you finish adding the information and
hit publish, TCM will immediatly start
creating the ads for you.

Clear Daily Budgets

Our budget system clearly tells you how
much you will be spending with Facebook
ads so you won’t get overcharged.

Quick and Efficient

TCM has perfected the automatic creation
process with proper adset naming so you
can clearly see which is which.

Hours of Work Automated

Split testing is a massive time consumer,
TCM saves you hours at a time by
automating the boring work for you.

How The Optimization Tool Can Give You Peace of Mind.

Aaah the pure bliss of having a pre set of rules continously working
on your behalf to make your campaign better. Once you get used to
this kind of automation its hard to let go of it.

Automated Optimization

The optimization tool automatically
optimizes your campaign by
applying rules and guidlines every 6

Stops High Cost Ads

The biggest pitfall of high cost
campaigns are high cost ads, we
made sure you don't get those

Custom Rules

You have the option of creating your
custom rules based on your previous
experience and what works for you.
Except this time its automated.

Pre-Made Rules

We curated a handful of tried and
tested rules to improve your
campaigns consistently.
Its all ready for you to use.

An Actionable Reports Dashboard to Top it All Off

The simplest way to tell if a campaign is working with or against you.

Detailed Reports

A beautifully designed reports dashboard
showing you the right data.

Hidden Demographic Reports

We show you vital data that is hidden in
your Facebook ads dashboard.

Quick Glance Reports

A reports dashboard designed to show you
the most data in a single glance.

Let's Not Forget The Features That Make This So Much Sweeter

Seamless Integration

We have integrated our software with
Facebook in every possible way that
getting connected literally takes
30 seconds.

Google Analytics Integrated

We have integrated our software with
google analytics URL builder so you
can embed each ad with it own url for

Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign up you will immediatly
be assigned a senior account
manager who will be in charge of
helping you make the most of TCM.

Detailed Walkthrough Videos

The fastest way to learn how to use
the software is to see someone use
it. We take you step by step to learn
everything about it.

Blazing Fast Support

We pride ourselves with excellent
support, because nothing can be
worse than horrible support except
maybe slow support.

FB Newbie Ebook Guide

Are you new to Facebook ads? we
include a 65 page ebook explaining
how to use Facebook ads with TCM.

Steel Fortress Security

We take your security and privacy
seriously that is why we have
cloudflare and Comodo security
watching our backs.

Save/Load Full Campaigns

You can save and load full
campaigns at any time. This is
especially good for duplicating
successful campaigns.

Perfect for Agencies

No limitations on the number of ad
accounts makes it extremely
attractive for users with multiple ad

How TCM Has Benefited People Like You

Black and White Pricing


Everything included..

$ 39 /month

  • 3 day free trial
  • All tools included
  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Unlimited ad accounts

Is $0.67 a day worth all of this?


Save an additional 50% by paying yearly..

$ 19 /month

  • 3 day free trial
  • All tools included
  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Unlimited ad accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Signing up for the free trial is extremely
simple. Click the sign up button and you will
be prompted to connect your Facebook
account to the software.

What do I need to start?

In order to sign up you will need an active
Facebook ad account with a payment
method applied to it.

Is this trial actually free?

Absolutely! The purpose of this trial is for
you test out the full features of the software.

Does anyone have access to my account?

No one except you will ever have access to
your account. We take privacy seriously.

How is my information protected?

We're very serious about security. Our site's
traffic flows through Cloudflare to prevent
bots and attackers. It is then protected using
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) via Comodo
when you enter sensitive information.

Is the software easy to install?

The software is 100% web-based -- so you
don't need to worry about installing or
updating it. It will run on ANY computer or
device with a web browser.

How many ad accounts can I connect?

You can connect as many ad accounts as
you want. You are however limited to one
Facebook account.

Do you have a limit on ad spend?

No, all our accounts have
unlimited ad spend.

I'm an expert marketer, why do I need this?

As a marketer you will appreciate these
features more than most. The free trial was
designed so you can experience the full
effect of having an intelligent tool working
for you.