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Automated Split Testing

The key to a successful Facebook campaign is being able to properly A/B test. However split testing can be a tough task especially if you don't know how. We made ours beginner friendly.

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Direct & Simple Reports

Being able to properly read your campaign results can help you make decisions that will make or break your campaign. Unlike Facebook's dashboard TCM shows you the full picture.

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Nothing is more annoying than having to recreate a full
campaign just because you want to edit a small detail.
Well now you can save full campaigns so you can reuse
them over and over again.

Split testing is an exhausting process, managing each ad
is an even more exhausting job. We offer you a solution
to set specific rules that automatically optimizes your
campaigns automatically.

Setting up your audience can be a tedious task,
researching tens of thousands of interests is even worse!
Thankfully our interest suggestion engine spits out 20
high affinity interests for you to choose from.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Objective

Step 2 - Creating Beautiful Ads

Step 3 - Laser Targeted Audiences

Step 4 - Simple & Clear Budget with Dayparting

Step 5 - Reviewing and Publishing


Start your campaign by choosing one of our 6 most
used campaign objectives.

Name your campaign and choose the ad account you
want associated with the campaign.

Avg time spent on this step is < 30 seconds

A/B test your headline, body text, description, URL and
image/video seamlessly with our ridicoulously simple
interface. In addition to split testing you get to see how
each ad will look in both desktop and mobile screens.
Perfect for beginners.

Avg time spent on this step is < 5 minutes

Laser target your audience with tons of features such
as our interest, demographic and behaviour suggestion
engine. You can also split test every single aspect of
your audience all the way from their age to where they

Avg time spent on this step is < 5 minutes

Specify how much you want to spend per day per adset.
This is especially helpful if you are split testing a lot of
adsets at once.
You will also have the option of telling TCM at what day of week and time of day
it should run the campaign.

Avg time spent on this step is < 1 minute

The campaign maker lays out everything you have done
so you can review everything and if you spot a mistake
you can easily go back and fix it.
Once you finish reviewing it just click publish and let
TCM do all the hard work!

Avg time spent on this step is < 1 minute

Even More Features

Day-Part Your Ads

You can now specify what days and times of the week your campaign should run!

Simple Scaling

Quickly and easily scale your profitable ads to maximize value.

Image & Video Library

Upload once and done! All your videos and images are stored securely in your FB’s library.

Super Fast Support

Our support staff is available 24/7 for you and can actually help you.

Simple Pricing for Everyone

Pro Account
Everything included. All features included. Unlimited ad accounts. No limits on anything.
$39per month
Free 14 Day Trial No credit card required - its actually free!

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