How Our Analysis Tool Can Drastically Simplify Your Past Data in 1 Click

Properly analyzing past campaign data can be a daunting task, especially if the campaign you are analyzing has a lot of valuable data that you want to extract. Analyzing past data is crucial for every campaign to determine whether it was successful or if it was a failure. But figuring out WHY a campaign is successful or a failure is even more important… And with the Facebook ads manager, that’s not an easy task.

That’s why I created The Campaign Maker Analysis Tool.

Usually analyzing past data would take a few minutes to hours depending on how experienced you are.

With the analysis tool we made it so you can analyze a single adset in just 1-click.

It provides you with a sleek and simple report that makes it easier for you to read the data. Now, what used to take hours and hours, the campaign maker does in less than a minute... and quite frankly, it does it better than I could ever do.


Simple to Read

An Analysis Reports Perfect for Beginners.


Analyzes Each Adset Individually for percise data.

Actionable Data

Segments The Data Into 4 Major Categories.

Find The Winners

Identifies Which Audience Segment is Dominant Within The Category.

Shareable Data

Exports The Data to a PDF Report For Easy Sharing.

Automated A/B Test

Automatically Creates An A/B Optimized Adset Based On The Data Gathered.


  • Quickly presents segmented audiences so you can accurately figure out which audience is the most profitable and low cost for your campaign.

  • Helps you identify which audience segment is taking your budget away from your most profitable audience.

  • Creates an optimized version of the adset in 1-single click so you can easily A/B test and improve your ROI.

  • Easily exports the data into an easy to read and shareable PDF report.

  • Quickly switch over to other adsets for comparison.

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