Creating a successful Facebook advertising strategy can feel overwhelming.

From concept stage to the (absolutely fundamental) testing phase.
From the launch to the constant monitoring and tweaking. So much is involved.

And so much is at stake! With Facebook ads you can achieve real results, with returns no other platform can offer.

But you can also waste real money.

And it gets worse. Because today I’m going to tell you that all of the above are just the beginning of a truly successful Facebook advertising strategy.

In this post I’ll share the 3 other things to master that will have the biggest impact on your campaign (and exponentially increase your ROI).

Let’s get started!

If this is not perfect, your beautiful ads will be useless.

A few years back, one of my best friends and I went on a small road trip. It was a last minute decision, something we were not planning to do anytime soon.

We saw this very intriguing commercial about a “Guitar Exhibition”. They had the instruments of some of the world’s most famous musicians of the past 50 years, available to play with! We are both obsessed with music and we knew we couldn’t miss this chance!

We checked their website for directions and we jumped in the car.

It was supposed to be a 3 hours drive, but about half way we hit a dead end. And not just any dead end: it was a wide, rumbling river.

Apparently, the bridge that was supposed to be there had been taken down. And no, we didn’t have a GPS to help us, they weren’t as popular back then.

We were not going to let this stop us, and about 2 hours later, we managed to find another bridge and reconnected with the road we were supposed to be on. To be honest, this whole detour was quite fun and one of the highlights of our trip.

But will your prospects be as determined? Will they overcome any barrier to signing up for your service? Or will they lose interest at the first difficulty?

You want to make sure that every bridge is in place. Connecting leads from your ad all the way to the goal of your campaign (maybe an email subscription, or directly a sale).


With a perfect landing page. This is the page where your prospects arrive after clicking on your ad. A well-optimized landing page is of utmost importance.

In fact, I’d even say that:

Without a strong landing page, all your efforts to design a winning Facebook advertising strategy might be completely worthless.

How to improve your landing page conversions in 3 steps

1) Make sure your page’s message is in sync with your ad’s one. Try to use similar words and make sure that the offer specified in the ad is immediately recognizable on your landing page.

2) Eliminate distractions. One of the golden rules of a landing page is that it shouldn’t contain any link other than the one that leads to your conversion goal.

3) Craft a clear call to action. Don’t let people guess what they should do. Spell out clearly what you want them to do next, and make sure it’s visible above the fold.

Follow these tips and I promise you will see immediate improvements in your campaigns.

Don’t think this is everything though. There are lead magnets to craft, email funnels to design, messaging to improve, and so on…

How can I possibly do all of this well, while also managing and testing my ads?

This is indeed a complex and time-consuming task. But it is possible to successfully manage your whole Facebook advertising strategy by yourself. Marketers around the world do this every single day.

Many pros however, use campaign management software to help them with the most time-consuming stuff.

And so should you.

A platform that can arrange and manage campaign setup and split testing for you. An infinite amount of data presented in an easy way for you to act on.

It will literally save you hours! Precious time you can spend working on the rest of your campaign. Mastering landing pages, email marketing and most importantly growing your business.

Wouldn’t it be great? Try it for yourself!

Our platform, The Campaign Maker, is a complete and great-value tool that will help you with all of this and much more. And you get a 14 day FREE trial. Find out more here and join today.

Why not?



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