What can Facebook Advertising Tools do for you?

We care about our campaigns. It makes sense.

So much time spent crafting them, so much is at stake.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to leave them unmonitored.

And it’s not just out of anxiety. We want to be able to tweak, adjust and react in real time to ensure our campaigns are as successful as possible.

Imagine to be able to switch a specific ad set on or off in reaction to specific events. Making your ads ever more relevant. I bet that could increase your ROI!

The good news is that among the many Facebook advertising tools available, there is one that can help you with exactly that.
Over the years it became a can’t-live-without piece of equipment for professional advertisers.

I’m talking about the Facebook ads manager app, available for both Android and Apple devices.

So, how can this app help you?

First off, imagine this. You are out for a business meeting and your advertising budget has run out.

All your ads are suspended. All your campaigns will lose momentum. You are missing out on potential sales.

With the Ads manager app, you can adjust your budget and restore all your ads in seconds.

And what about a campaign that ends without giving you the time to extend it? Or an important notification you won’t see until you are back in the office?

You see? Once you start using the Ads manager app you will wonder how you survived without it!

There are literally dozens of situations when immediate access to your ad account can save you a lot of money.

Besides the app: other Facebook Advertising Tools that will increase your ROI

  1. Lookalike Audiences

What if you could show Facebook how do your best customers look like and then let the platform find more of them? And target them with your ads.

I’m pretty sure that would increase your conversion rates sensibly. And your returns would grow as fast!

This is exactly what Facebook Lookalike Audiences do. A must have among the many Facebook Advertising Tools available, and often an under-utilized weapon.

Thanks to the Pixel you can track who your website visitors and customers are, and then ask Facebook to find more people with similar profiles.

  1. The Campaign Manager

I couldn’t write an article about Facebook advertising tools without mentioning the platform we created with a lot of passion and many sleepless nights.

In this context, I think that the most game-changing feature of The Campaign Maker is the complete support of split testing. This can save you hours every week, and make sure you only run the best versions of your ads.

This means: save costs, save time, increase returns. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Well, it is! The campaign maker is the best value, full-featured Facebook advertising platform on the market.

Why don’t you take it for a ride? We believe that no sales pitch is stronger than your own excitement after you try it. Let us know what you think, it’s FREE for 7 days!

What are your favorite Facebook advertising tools?



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