How is your campaign performing?

Wait let me rephrase it, how should your campaign be performing?

CTR 1.8%. It’s good! Right?

Or is it?

We studied dozens of reports available online, we matched those results with the experience of The Campaign Maker’s clients, and we put together a short, clear article to finally help you answer those questions once and for all.

Are you ready to find out if you are doing better or worse than the average marketer?

Before we start: a word of advice

Remember, CTR won’t pay your bills. The stats we share below should serve as a guidance to assess the performance of your campaigns.

One more item in the toolkit to know if you could do even better.

But what matters is your ROI. The sales you generate. Even more specifically, your profit.

What affects Facebook CTR

Another word of caution before finding out what this magic number is:

CPM and CTR in Facebook vary greatly per country and per industry. The US, for example, is more expensive than France. And a CTR that is outstanding in the gaming industry might be disappointing in another one.

So are you doing well or not?

Keeping in mind what we said above, here are some good rules of thumb to help you benchmark your campaigns. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

Overall, a good CTR objective for desktop feed is 2%.

With custom audiences, you can get to 3% and more.

Below 1% you might want to reconsider your campaign and change something.

Mobile performs better than desktop, aim for 3% there.

Desktop right column ads are cheaper but convert less.

This is a good starting point. The best way to know how your campaign is doing is to compare with your previous ones. And if you can get your hands on your competitors’ data, even better!

What is the average CTR in your industry? Are you above or below that number?



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