What is the Facebook Ad text tool?

Facebook ads, marketers and amount of text over images.

This has always been a love-hate relation. With the Facebook ad text tool trying to act as the peacekeeper.

If you’ve been dealing with Facebook advertising for a while, you more than likely heard of the 20% rule.

If you are relatively new to the game here is a quick recap:

Facebook believes that users don’t like images with too much text. For this reason, they used to reject any ad with an image containing more than 20%.

But not anymore.

Yeah. I’m not kidding.

Luckily for you here at The Campaign Maker we’re always up to date on the latest developments on all things Facebook.

Our goal is to ensure you have always the highest chance of success and returns on your Facebook Advertising spend.

Are you ready to find out why most resources out there are obsolete? The 20% rule is gone forever. This is what you need to know to succeed after the latest changes.

Your ad won’t be rejected anymore (and why this is not necessarily good for you)

So, what did really change?

Facebook substituted the 20% rule with a subtle tier system. Your Ad will now be labeled as OK, Low, Medium or High. The score you get will, of course, depend on how much text is contained in the ad.

Ok. So what?

Well, depending on the score of your image, Facebook will reduce the reach and increase the cost of your ad. But your ad won’t be rejected.

If you are ready to open your ad manager and double the text on all your ads…

Please STOP!

Facebook did have a point when it was limiting the text overlay on our images. Too much text can make our ad cluttered and confuse our message.

Often being limited in the amount of space we have makes for more effective, slicker ads.

When in doubt, I recommend designing your ads sticking to the old 20% rule.

What if you want to test new solutions? Then the Facebook Ad text tool is your new best friend.

This change in how Facebook deals with text overlay opens also some exciting avenues.

You can experiment.

When it’s thought-through properly, an ad with more text could be a winner. It could stand-out from the white noise that clutters our customers’ feed.

It could engage.

And it can make your campaign more successful than ever before.

But how do you know what score will Facebook give to your image?

This is necessary information because it will allow you to calculate how much more expensive your ad could be. So that you can decide whether the benefits will outweigh the added costs.

Luckily it’s very easy. With the Facebook Ad text tool.

Upload your image and see if it will be labeled as OK, Low, Medium or High.

We used to be able to guess if our image contained more or less than the allowed 20% text. Now that the rules have changed, the Facebook Ad text tool is a necessity.

I am curious to hear how you will use this new freedom Facebook is giving us in crafting your ads.

Any ideas?



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    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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