Why the right Facebook Ad tool can make all the difference for your business.

I started a number of businesses. Many of them as a one man band.
I’ve been multiple times through the highs and lows of running a startup.

I’ve struggled (and still do in my newest projects) with the hardship of having a tight budget. Or no budget at all.

I feel your pain when you read about the latest Facebook ad tool that could make your life easier. Dreaming of how that support could bring your campaigns to the next level.

How it could free your time to do more things. And do them better.

Then you open your eyes and start doubting. You need to keep your costs down, and social media advertising is something you can do yourself. This would save you money, and help you grow.


A story that completely changed my point of view. And I bet it can change yours.

Of all people, it was my father that found the right words.


On a cold winter afternoon, he was listening to my complaints about how hard it was to run a business by myself. Back then I was living in another country and wouldn’t come back home very often.

So the times I did, I would use my parents’ ears to rant about my difficulties and get some weight off my shoulders.

Then he said:

“You look like the one who tries to bring water from the well with a perforated bucket. And because you really need the water and you are short of time, you won’t stop to fix it.

But if would take the time to fix the bucket, you would actually bring more water, faster.”

In the same way, often when we spend more we end up saving more in our business.

The campaign maker: a powerful Facebook ad tool

Investing in something that can help you succeed is a brave choice.

It’s a leap of faith: you part today with your cash, a scarce resource, for the promise of a faster growth tomorrow.

At the campaign maker we understand that. And this is what we did to help you:

  • We priced our full-featured platform in a very competitive way. Offering more features for less money;
  • We let you try our software completely for free. You can directly experience the benefits of what our Facebook ad tool can do for you without having to pay a cent.

You can access your FREE 7-day trial here.

How our platform can supercharge your campaigns

There are dozens of features that make The Campaign Maker stand out in the crowd of Facebook-related software.

But all of them lead to 2 main benefits:

  1. Save you hours and hours every week
    Thanks to our automated processes you will be able to perform in just a few minutes tasks that would normally take much longer. Editing, split testing, and much more.
  2. Increase your campaigns’ return
    When you can run A/B tests in a simple yet powerful way, you can optimize your ads.
    When you have access to a simple dashboard that shows you exactly what you need to know to assess your campaigns, you increase your ROI.

I hope this short article will inspire you to not repeat my same mistakes.


Fix your bucket. Try The Campaign Maker for FREE here. You won’t regret it.



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