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The Analysis Tool Video Walk through

The analysis tool was created purely for one reason, and that is to help you identify what aspect of the Facebook campaign made your campaign succeed or fail. It quickly presents segmented audiences so you can accurately figure out which audience was the most profitable and low cost for your campaign. Being able to properly […]

Choosing the right data points for your analysis.

The data points customization allows you to configure your report so it shows only the data points you want to see and are relevant to you. The analysis tool has over 20 data points to choose from and we are constantly adding more for even more diverse reports. In addition to seeing the data points […]

Comparing multiple ads/adset/campaign in your analysis report.

The analysis tool now offers the option to compare multiple ads, adsets and campaigns side by side to see what is working and what isn’t for even more insight on your Facebook ROI across the account. Please note that you can only compare campaigns with another campaign, adsets with another adset and ads with other […]

Choosing the right Time Frame for your analysis.

The time frame option in the analysis report allows you to specify the history of data you want to get for the analysis report. We currently offer a few options which include: Lifetime Past 3 days Past 24 hours Choosing the right time frame can help you see noticeable changes across the campaign with time.

Choosing the right Level for your analysis.

It is important that you first understand the hierarchy of a campaign. Campaign > Adsets > Ads In the analysis tool we made it so you can specify which level you want to focus:   The Campaign Level Focusing on a campaign level would show general data on the whole campaign, this is good if […]

How to setup your first analysis report using the analysis tool.

Setting up your first analysis report is very simple. We broke the analysis into 4 simple steps: 1~ Choosing what level you want to analyze. In this step you would specify if you want to see data on either a campaign, adset or ad level. Adset level is generally the most popular.   2~ Choosing […]

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