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The Optimization Tool Video Walk-through

The optimization tool automatically checks your ads every 30 minutes looking for ads that meet rules you define for it. So for example, you can tell it to look for ads that have more than $1.00 cost per click and have spent at least $50. This feature alone can help you sleep easier at night […]

Understanding and choosing the Action for your rule

In this section you dictate what you want the optimization tool to do when an ad is found that meets your rules guidelines. We currently have 2 available actions to use: 1~ Pause the ad This is the most popular choice because it stops the actual ad that meets your rule guideline.   2~ Notify […]

Understanding and choosing the Frequency for your rule

In this section you dictate to the optimization tool how often you want it to check your campaign for ads that meet your rule guidelines and apply the action on them. We currently have 3 frequency options: 1~ Every 24 hours (Suggested for low budget campaigns) This tells the optimization tool that it should run […]

Understanding and creating your Rules

This is the heart and soul of the optimization tool, this is where you set the guidelines of the ads you want to keep an eye on and potentially stop from taking the budget away from profitable ads. The optimization rule is split into 2 rule conditions: Rule #1 –  generally rule is reserved for […]

Understanding and choosing the TimeFrame for your rule

The time frame you choose will dictate how far back you want the data to be read. We currently offer 3 time frames: 1~ Lifetime This is usually the most popular choice as it collects the data for the life of the ad. 2~ Past 3 days This option will force the optimization tool to […]

How to setup proper optimization rules for your campaign.

Creating a proper optimization rule can save you hundreds of dollars in potential wasted ad spend, so learning how to create a good rule can be a beneficial thing for you. First you need to understand that the optimization tool will only read and affect individual ads within the campaign, it does not focus on […]

How to see your active rules.

To see your current active rule go to the optimization tool dashboard here – https://thecampaignmaker.com/app/automaticoptimization In the dashboard you will see a list of all your current rules. On the left side you will see a toggle button.   Blue = the rule is active and running. Gray = the rule is inactive and not […]

How to setup your first rule using the optimization tool

Setting up your first rule is extremely simple! 1~ Go to the optimization tool – https://thecampaignmaker.com/app/automaticoptimization 2~ Click “Create New Rule” 3~ Type in a name for your rule. Only you will see this. 4~ Choose the campaign you want the rule to work on. Keep in mind that the rule will work on the […]

how to deactivate or delete your rules

How to deactivate your rule and stop it from running: Go to your optimization rules dashboard. Find the rule you want deactivate Click the toggle button to switch your rule on or off.   How to delete your rule: Go to your optimization rules dashboard. Find the rule you want deactivate. Click the “delete” button.

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