Reporting Tool

The Reporting Tool Video Walk through

The reporting tool arranges vital data that truly measures if your campaign is working hard for you. Now, what used to take you minutes, the campaign maker helps you see it in a glanceā€¦ and quite frankly, it looks so much better than the Facebook ad manager dashboard. Now, what used to take you minutes, […]

Breaking down your campaign/adsets/ads data.

By default additional information about individual campaign is hidden to reduce clutter and load time. We hope that by hiding the data and seeing it only when YOU want to see it, will help you make better choices and analyze results better. You can see more data about each campaign by clicking the “Breakdown” button.

Breaking down individual data points

Within each data point in your reporting tool, you can break down them down even further by: Gender Age Placement Keep in mind this data is shown based on the individual data point.

Customizing the data points in your report

We recently revamped our reporting tool to make it even more customizable but still maintaining the simplicity of it. You can now customize the data points for your report: Go to the reporting tool here – > https://thecampaignmaker.com/app/reports Click the drop down to choose between 15+ different data points. You also have the option to […]

Understanding the reporting tool hierarchy

The reporting tool is split into 4 levels:   Account level Data In the account level you are presented with data totaling from the whole ad account.   Campaign Level Data In the campaign level you are presented with data from the individual campaign only.   Adset Level Data In the adset level you are […]

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