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How to Connect a New Ad Account to Your TCM Account

To connect a new ad account to your TCM (The Campaign Maker) account, you need to first make sure you have access to the new ad account via your Facebook account. To check if you have access click this link –¬†https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/accounts (Note: if you have business manager then you should also check in your business […]

How to add a sub account

Here is how you can add a sub account user to your TCM subscription: Go to your account settings page –¬†https://thecampaignmaker.com/settings/ Click “Subscriptions” Beside the subscription you want click “Sub Users” Add the users email you want to have access under your subscription. *In order to remove a sub user please contact support.

Is The Campaign Maker Safe to Use?

The Campaign Maker platform is 100% authorized and approved by Facebook, we have passed all of their guidelines and reviews to gain full access to their marketing API. Nothing is published or created on your account without your explicit knowledge. In addition to that we do not store any of your information on our servers, […]

What are sub-users?

A sub account is basically a secondary account where you can add another Facebook user of your choosing to use The Campaign Maker platform under your subscription. This is ideal for teams who need to collaborate together.

How many ad accounts can I use?

All our accounts allow for up to 500 ad accounts per account. If you have more than 500 ad accounts in your account, contact us and we will extend it for you.

Do I need an ad account to use the software?

You definitely need an active ad account! To check if you have an active ad account click here You should see the word “active” We do not offer or supply ad accounts.

What Makes The Campaign Maker Better Than The Ads Manager?

Using the Facebook ads manager is like using a butter knife to cut your steak. Using the Facebook power editor is like using a steak knife, gets the job done with your effort. Using The Campaign Maker is like having a butler cut your steak with a chef’s knife while you watch. Now imagine you […]

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