*Video Walkthroughs*

The Analysis Tool Video Walk through

The analysis tool was created purely for one reason, and that is to help you identify what aspect of the Facebook campaign made your campaign succeed or fail. It quickly presents segmented audiences so you can accurately figure out which audience was the most profitable and low cost for your campaign. Being able to properly […]

The Reporting Tool Video Walk through

The reporting tool arranges vital data that truly measures if your campaign is working hard for you. Now, what used to take you minutes, the campaign maker helps you see it in a glance… and quite frankly, it looks so much better than the Facebook ad manager dashboard. Now, what used to take you minutes, […]

The Creation Tool Video Walkthrough

How will you ever know if one image can perform better than the others? what about choosing between 1000’s of interests or demographic? Better yet, What is THE only way to creating a successful campaign? The answer to all of the questions above is simple…Split Testing! And sadly, the native Facebook ads manager makes it […]

The Optimization Tool Video Walk-through

The optimization tool automatically checks your ads every 30 minutes looking for ads that meet rules you define for it. So for example, you can tell it to look for ads that have more than $1.00 cost per click and have spent at least $50. This feature alone can help you sleep easier at night […]

Did we miss something? Our goal is for you to know The Campaign Maker and utilize it to the max!
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