Road Map

We at The Campaign Maker wanted to extend a special thank you to our loyal users who have shared their invaluable feedback. We listened to your feedback and now our roadmap revolves 100% on your feedback.

Below are the improvements we hope to implement in the upcoming months of 2019:


Creation Tool

  • More objective options (App installs, Multi-product, Video views, Awareness)
  • More placement targeting options
  • Edit UTM url
  • Direct adcopy edit platform and preview system

Analysis Tool

  • Ability to automatically create an optimized version of report. (Agency Plans Only)
  • Ability to split test more data points

Optimization Tool

  • Create 3+ layered advanced custom rules. (Agency Plans Only)
  • Add more high performing rule templates.
  • Streamline and automate optimization process.
  • Add more actions when rules met such as scaling and rotations.

Reporting Tool

  • Improve speed
  • Branded PDF download of reports
  • White-Label PDF download of reports (Agency Plans Only)
  • Include graphs for easier readability
  • Audience breakdown
  • General campaign information
  • General breakdown of general data
  • Automated email reports of reports (Agency Plans Only)
  • Location breakdown
  • Automated scaling option for safer scaling. (Agency Plans Only)


Below are the improvements implemented in the 3rd & 4th quarter of 2018:

Creation Tool

  • Lifetime based budgeting.
  • Scheduled budgeting
  • Manual Bidding for objectives and clicks.
  • Use published posts in place of new ads with split testing options
  • Load/Save audience targeting templates
  • Ability to exclude custom audiences
  • Add radius based location targeting
  • Improve the target audience preview step
  • Ability to use custom conversions
  • Added hourly scheduling
  • Added relationship status targeting
  • Added split test validation
  • Fixed ad account currency issue
  • Improved media gallery section to show larger list
  • Added multi-language compatibility for adcopy
  • Added emoji compatibility for adcopy

Analysis Tool

  • Downloadable white-label PDF report. (Agency Plans Only)
  • Show best performing audience segments.

Reporting Tool

  • Add more drop down data points


If there is something crucial YOU think we are missing let us know!

Also please note that we will do our absolute best to stick to the roadmap and get the features implemented ASAP, but as with anything development related nothing is set in stone.

Did we miss something? Our goal is for you to know The Campaign Maker and utilize it to the max!
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