How Our Reporting Tool Can Drastically Simplify How You Review Your Active Facebook Campaigns

Properly reading active campaign data can be a deceiving task, especially if you have a large amount of ads running at the same time and trying to read through Facebook’s large library of data.

If you rely solely on Facebook's dashboard then you are seeing an incomplete picture of how your campaign is performing which might lead you to believe that your campaign is costing you money when in fact you might be gaining much more than you think.

I know how challenging and time consuming it can be to read active campaign results and deciding if it’s a winner or a loser.

That’s why I created The Campaign Maker Reporting Tool…

The reporting tool arranges 13 points of vital data that truly measures if your campaign is worth those hard earned $$.

For example: your clicks to website campaign might have a high cost per click but has a ridiculously high engagement rate and high page like rate. This means that people are engaging with your ad but are not clicking it. In short it helps you understand your campaigns in a way the Facebook ads dashboard can't.

Now, what used to take you minutes, the campaign maker helps you see it in a glance... and quite frankly, it looks so much better than the Facebook ad manager dashboard.


Clear Data

Arranges 13 points of vital data that gives you clear insight of how your campaigns are doing.

Detailed Data

Easily see as much as 27 different points of data in a single click.


Easily create custom data points by clicking the drop down on each individual group.

Heirarchy Overview

An overview table showing individual campaigns, adset and ads at their respective levels with vital data.

By Time Frame

Easily Change the time duration for the whole account so you can see data for multiple times.

Easily Scalable

You can scale your adsets right from the dashboard.

Simple to Use

You can turn on/off campaigns,adsets or ads from the dashboard.

Audience Data Within

See audience data inside your individual adsets dashboard.

Preview Your Ad

See a preview of your individual ad in both desktop and mobile versions.


  • Perfect for new advertisers who need help with reading their Facebook progress.

  • Reports dashboard optimized for viewing it at a glance and see exactly how your whole account is doing.

  • Great for expert marketers who want to see how their account is doing for the day and the ability to dig deeper into more granular data.

  • Simpler than Facebook ads manager dashboard that hides much of the vital data that lets you know if your campaign is harming you or benefiting you.

  • HTML5 optimized meaning you can use the dashboard on any screen size and looks gorgeous!

  • Easily make changes to your campaign, adset and ad without leaving the dashboard.

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