How Our Creation Tool Can Automatically A/B Test Every Single Part Of Your Campaign For You!

How will you ever know if one image can perform better than the other?

How will you know if that interest or demographic will perform better than the other similar one?

What is THE only way to creating a successful campaign?

The answer to all of the questions above is simple…Split Testing!

And sadly, the native Facebook ads manager makes it difficult to even split test one aspect of a campaign. Seriously have you tried it? To be blunt, the native Facebook ads manager SUCKS!

That’s why I created The Campaign Maker Creation Tool…

With the Creation Tool you can split test any part of the adcopy and audience in a single click. Now, what used to take me an hour, the campaign maker literally does in less than 2 minutes.

Don’t believe me?

Click here to check out a video I made showing how I created 100 laser targeted & split tested ads in 90 seconds using The Campaign Maker Creation Tool.


Nothing Stored

Connects to your existing ad account media library for easy use.

Tests Audiences

Seamlessly split tests multiple interests, demographics, behaviors, genders, placements and locations.

Tests Adcopies

Seamlessly split tests every point of your adcopy from links to ad descriptions.

Always There For You

Save & Load full campaigns, for quick re-creations.

Analytics Integrated

Google analytics integrated.

Easy to Read Budgeting

Simple budget analysis.

Search Engine

Interest, demographic and behavior search engine.

Suggests Similar Interests

Interest high affinity
suggestion tool.

Ad Preview

Instant Ad preview, while you create them.

Laser Targeted

Layered (Include, Exclude) targeting.

Audience Size Preview

Preview your audience sizes while you create them.

Guided Help

Detailed Walkthrough Videos For Every Tool


  • 5 Simple Steps to Streamline Efficiency and Flow of Thought.

  • Drastically simplifies how you split test multiple adcopies by just clicking the “+”.

  • Drastically simplifies how you split test multiple audience segments.

  • Interest search engine and suggestion tool allows you to find new audiences similar to what you are already targeting so you can scale and find that new golden audience.

  • Cuts your campaign creation time to less than one minute.

  • Drastically simplifies and improves your campaign results when properly utilized.

  • Helps your campaign by automatically optimizing for the campaign objective.

  • Seamlessly split test (headlines, body texts, descriptions, URLs, images, videos)

  • Completely trackable via google analytics in 1 click by automatically embedding your URLS with GA URL parameters.

  • Seamlessly split test (interests, behaviors, demographics, genders, age, placements, locations, custom audiences)

  • Helps you identify more profitable ads quickly.

  • Saves You A Ton Of Time!

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